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“Miasma”  by Ghost

I mention in the “About Me” section, I love anything 80s, and another great appreciation from that time is killer instrumentals with loads of drum fills and guitar riffs. And “Misasma” has all of those in spades.

The song opens with a mid-80s style synth instrumental, before it eventually adds in the guitar and drums, with the synth both accompanying the new instruments as well as creating new developments in the melody of the song. As the song progresses, the depth and speed of the instrumental gains momentum, and by the end the guitar and drums are racing along at a frenetic pace, with the synth maintaining the melodic backbone, though each instrument gets a moment in the spotlight. In the final act of the song, a saxophone is added, and I love the way that the unexpected addition of the woodwind creates a different sonic dynamic in the composition of the song.

I began listening to Ghost this summer, and I really enjoy their work. However, I feel this song is my favorite from their catalog simply for the sense of energy that I gives me. I have been listening to it as I have been going to the gym, and it always energizes me for whatever I want to do.

In the end, all I may leave behind is a miasma, but “Miasma” makes me feel confident enough to go out and leave behind more than that. I guess only time will tell in regards to that though.

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