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“Impossible Year” by Panic! At the Disco

With this week’s post being partly focused on my final night in undergrad, I find it only appropriate to use the final song of Death of a Bachelor as this week’s song. As a lover of ballads, particularly those of the slower, Sinatra-esque variety, this song is one which never fails to stir at least something in my stomach. However, the lyrical content is what really makes me love this song. The entire song is about the end of an era, the end of something good, and I am still unable to believe the way that it fits so perfectly into the framework of my life these past few months.

In many ways, this has been an impossible year for me, be it graduating college, moving to Japan, or saying goodbye to friends and family so much sooner that I though I would have had to. And for my students, I know this impending year will be equally impossible for them as they move forward and onto new opportunities in their lives.

There may not be good times or sunshine, or even you and me, but this year will surely be impossible in one way or another. All that can be done is to roll with the punches and make the impossible situations into the best situations.

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