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“Stand By Me” by Florence + The Machine

While the original version of this song by Ben E. King is a wonderful piece of music, this cover by Florence + The Machine is one which hold more emotional heft for me, mainly because of its connection to the release of Final Fantasy XV. I had waited literally half of my lifetime for that game, from age 10 to age 20, and when it was finally released, this song was part of the soundtrack.

As I took in the sights and gameplay that I had anticipated for ten years, this song played, and I felt a surreal sense of happiness. I was playing the game like I was an excited 10 year-old again, and I had Florence + The Machine serenading me through all of it. Final Fantasy XV released two years ago last week, and I listened to the song again to remember those times.

In this song, I find myself transported back to those sublime, childlike moments, as I do each time I listen to it.

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