Memoirs of a Gaijin Playlist

“Hell Patrol” by Judas Priest

Last Week I bought a ticket to Download Japan, a metal festival being held in Tokyo on March 21st. I bought the ticket to see Ghost in concert for the first time, but I have not listened to any of the actual headliners, which includes Judas Priest and Slayer.

It felt almost blasphemous to see these two metal icons in concert without at least listening to them a little beforehand, so I have spent the last week listening to a lot of Judas Priest, especially the Painkiller album.

I can’t believe how long it took me to finally listen to them, but I suppose it’s better later than never. “Hell Patrol” is probably my favorite off the album, though that is not to disparage the other songs. I simply love the ring of the chorus as the demons all scream “THE HELL PATROL!!!!!!”

Sometimes it’s just the simple things in life.

This song went along with this week’s post.

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