Memoirs of a Gaijin Playlist

“Satori Pt. II” by Flower Travellin’ Band

This song ties in with this week’s Gaijin Deep Dive, where I talk all about the Japanese Metal scene.

Satori is the first-ever example of Japanese Metal, and I found it the most appropriate choice for this week’s song. While the album does not seem like a “metal” album, within the song of the album you can hear the heavy basses and oddly psychedelic pieces that would define early Metal.

I am almost reminded of the Magical Mystery Tour when I listen to this song, and I really like how odd that feels. One doesn’t expect a Beatles feeling when listening to Metal, but music is a fickle thing.

I guess that what I get for thinking I could compartmentalize it so easily.

Check out the full piece here!




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