Memoirs of a Gaijin Playlist

“Vienna” by Billy Joel

While it does feel a bit repetitive to include two songs from the same album twice in a single month, I feel this song is far too appropriate for this week’s post not to use. The lyrical content of the song is one which effectively captures the short-sighted ambition of youth, and, as someone who is deep in the midst of such an intrapersonal experience, the song is very emotionally potent.

The simple piano accompaniment is a nice touch, especially when it punctuates Joel’s final declaration that “Vienna will wait for you,” and from this point on the piano gently guides the listener back out into the world, allowing them the time to process the meaning of the song like a pillow shot in a Yasujiro Ozu film. Such touches demark a quality song for me, and I love the way that the quality of this song resonates with me.

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This song went along with this week’s post.

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