Memoirs of a Gaijin Playlist

“We Major” by Kanye West, Nas, and Really Doe

This is the first hip hop song that I have added to the playlist, but I highly doubt it will be the last. Kanye is a favored artist of mine, both because of his bombastic showmanship as well as his deft abilities at producing beats, and this is a song that I genuinely appreciate for its ability to elicit my inner confidence. The lyrics are both arrogantly optimistic and celebratory and the grand instrumentation on the beat accentuates these parts for me. But I most greatly appreciate one of the final lines by Kanye in the song.

“So they asked me, ‘Why you call it Late Registration Ye?’ Because we’re taking these motherfuckers back to school.”

Kanye has declared his arrival as well as his intent to upstage all those around him. Though I may not be changing the face of the music industry, I do plan to flip the script for my time here as a teacher, and I believe I will have to take at least some of these motherfuckers back to school to do that.

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