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“Alive” performed by Anthony Warlow in Jekyll & Hyde

This week’s song is the first piece from a musical thus far. I only began to develop my taste for musicals about two years ago, and I have mainly listened to a lot of the standard popular musicals, such as RENT!, Hamilton, and Wicked. I was introduced to Jekyll & Hyde last January, and I was immediately engrossed by it. I love the original story, and the idea of adapting it into a musical with each persona played by the same actor was brilliant. I especially love the penultimate number of the musical, “Confrontation,” because of how Anthony Warlow plays up the dynamic changes between the personas and leitmotifs of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde.

I very well may introduce “Confrontation” into the playlist in a later post, but for now I will stay with “Alive.” As a lover of villians, Edward Hyde’s powerful ballad is as grandiose an entrance as I could ask for, and I especially love how it immediately establishes the character of Hyde as a malevolent force of evil who is out to craft a legacy out of infamy, a stark contrast to Jekyll’s own desire to create one from moral work. I truly adore this song. As he does desire, I believe I will truly and always remember the name Edward Hyde.

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